Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

After your departure from Dalyan pier, you can reach Dalyanaz˝ Beach in 30-40 minutes depending on the motor power of your boat. Dalyan is actually very close to the sea, but it takes so long to reach the beach because the canals go by. Your boat passes through the rock tombs first. The delta starts from where Dalyan's buildings end. By following the main canal, the door that prevents the fish from running into the sea is reached. After passing through the gate, you fall into a full maze. It is not possible for the unknown to find its way. When you see the Iztuzu beach at the end of a pleasant journey with nature following the various waterfowl and environment, an admiration volcano erupts among you. As soon as possible, the desire to reach it covers your self. I paid attention. People are trying to step into the pier without waiting for the boat to connect when it reaches Iztuzu. On the way back, the steps are going back. By the end of the boat next to the water are entering. This sandy beach is one of the most important breeding centers of Caretta Caretta, which is in danger of extinction. The side where you set foot on the beach, fresh water. The vast sea is full of salty Mediterranean! It's up to you now. You swim in salt water or fresh water!

The beaches on the sandy beaches of Dalyan are operated by the municipality. Since there is a Special Environmental Protection Area, there are no buildings on the beach. Existing structures were also destroyed. In order to meet the needs of the guests, there is only wood in the kitchen, dressing cabins, toilets, health cabin. A speedboat is also waiting for emergencies. The buffet includes simple food, drinks and beer.