Turkey's Top Tourist Attractions

PLACES IN BREATHING ISTANBUL If you live in Istanbul you want to escape to nearby places. Here; historical Polonezkˆy, the charming place between the two streams Ava or the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, the Anatolian side of the Black Sea entrance of the Anatolian Lighthouse can suggest. PLACES TO VISIT ISTANBUL OTTOMAN VILLAGE CUMALIKIZIK 2 km from Bursa. Cumal˝k˝z˝k is one of the villages that Orhangazi built before entering Bursa. If you go to the village, where the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture are given, the waters flowing through narrow streets will meet you. HEM GREEN GREEN: PLAYING Everybody on holiday chooses different places. If you are on the hot spring option, 27 km to ınegˆl. You can prefer Oylat Spa. The place in the forest offers you both the most beautiful and the healing waters of the green.

THE END OF THE SUN: GOKCEADA Kalekˆy experience the latest sunset of Turkey, Zeytinli If you want to drink coffee and eat sweets mortar Hristo Gokceada open sailing. Browse the Greek villages one by one. GOKCEADA TRAVEL GUIDE TORTUM WATERFALL 35 km from Tortum. away from the waterfall, the height of 48 meters in Asia and the largest in Europe, the world is known as the third largest waterfall.