Germany tourist experience – Top 5 famous tourist destinations in Germany

Germany is a country have much to discover by this place is not only famous for the unique landscape, the magnificent Castle and also by the respectable historical as well as the treasures of cultural heritage of humanity. To by Germany you can come to the snow-capped region or walk around the famous cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt … In addition you also have the opportunity to participate in the Festival, sporting events, concerts or the marvelous art exhibitions.

The climate
+ Germany has a temperate climate, cool, the warmest is July (temperature from 18° C to 20° C). 
+ Spring in Germany to have a little bit of sunshine but still quite cold.
+ Summer warm weather, plenty of sunshine, southern temperatures ranging from 23° C to 27° C in summer. is the season of festivals.
+ Fall in Germany as a fairy world with red and yellow colors of the trees that surrounded the Castle and the ancient houses.
+ Winter cold weather, you can go skiing and shopping in the Christmas season with low price

Top 5 famous tourist destinations in Germany

1. Berlin

To Berlin is coming to learn the demonstration of contemporary history, world war, Nazi, Red Army of the Soviet Union, of a country once divided by the Berlin wall, but the legends were incorporated without bloodshed , which is the result of altruism sweet really. A lot of the Memorial in Berlin so you can learn about the history of the city in particular and of the world war in General. Those who want to find a romantic place in Paris or Amsterdam, Hallstatt type will probably be disappointed, but Berlin is very appropriate for those nostalgic favorite, history and explore. Of course when it was like and the people will always find the word “Romance” has in every journey or even the small corner in his place to.

Berlin must say again is very wide, divided in many different regions. You should plan to visit for every specific day, every day can take the full time for a certain region. The main areas in Berlin could included Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg or Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

2. Hamburg

Hamburg is known as the largest port city in Germany. Although not large but the city has many upscale commercial center. Many German artists living here. The city has a fantastic Hall.

3. München/Munich

Munich inherits the legacy of longstanding cultural architecture both ancient architecture or modern. The city does not have the House bare all regulations for solar architecture-building of the city are not too high 109m.
Bavaria is the free State has the largest land area in the State in EU Union, a population of about 12.5 million people. This is one of the oldest States in Europe from the 17th century, when the Duke of Bavaria became a vassal of the Holy Roman Empire (Holy Roman Empire).
The ancient architecture with a long history of culture, including as the Castle and the Museum, often focusing near the large square. Mother of Marienplatz square is in the Center and was seen as the heart of the city, between the new town hall (Neue Rathaus) and the old town hall (Alte Rathaus).
Mother square Marienplatz in 1158, the central market and hosts festivals, talent competitions in the middle ages. Before the town hall was considered the place of cultural activities and tourist attractions in the State.
The opposite sides of the square, the old town hall was built in the middle ages (1470-1480) to replace the old town hall there have been arson. The old town hall was designed in the Gothic style by the architect Jörg von Halsbach-who also designed for Notre Dame (Frauenkirche).

4. The Castle Neuschwanstein

The Palace looks like a fairytale Castle. Neuschwanstein Castle is located near the city of Fussen at the foot of the Alps is the most suitable place to enjoy the beauty of ancient Germany. The main Castle of Disneyland in Paris also was inspired by this place.

5. Bodensee

It is the largest lake in Germany. Who is also known as Lake Constance. The Lake Bodensee also directly adjacent to two countries of Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world is situated not far from Lake Constance to the East. In addition, Germany is also a myriad of other exciting destinations. What more, when you yourself are eyes admire the beautiful places on to feel all the beauty, the “soul” of the “beautiful country”.


+ The two best ways to get around Germany’s cars and trains. The public transportation system in Germany is good for Europe.
+ Trains in Germany extremely excellent, service very comfortable, wide seat door to sightseeing. Trains in both in the city and suburbs. If in the long term you can buy tickets.
+ Tram and busses as well as two types of public transportation for an elderly turn. You can buy tickets on the bus, along the famous neighborhood activities all night. However in rural public transport service was not good.
+ If you are over 25 years old, have a driver qualifies and international payment card with a large amount of money, you can hire a self-drive cars but remember to check the condition of the car and take pictures before you use to avoid war unnecessary controversy.
+ Do not walk on lanes for bicycles, if not you will be yelled at heavy lyrics.
Eat drink

+ The price of a meal in Germany the average is 8-16 Euro, high is 16-30 Euro. If elegance is above 30 Euro and also cheapest from 4-8 Euro.
+ Price buy in of: 1 cup of café has a price range of Euro 1.8, 1 small bottle of water cost 1 Euro, 1 small bottle of beer cost 2.5 euros.
+ When in a restaurant, are served a 3-course meal + wine then took about 40 Euro.
+ For small pubs or cafes, the price will be cheaper. Capuchino: < 3 Euro, beer: 3-5 Euro, water filter: 2 Euro.
+ The table sit with strangers at a crowded restaurant in Germany is very normal thing, but let’s see if available not before sitting on it.
+ You may wish the people sitting at the same table eating delicious and goodbye before they get up. However the Germans usually don’t have the habit of chatting while dining.
+ When eating in the restaurant, to the knife and fork diagonally each other proves you have not eaten also when you leave the knife and fork parallel on the right demonstrates food disk you used done packed and waiters will to clean up the dining table for you.
+ Still more restaurants in Germany does not accept credit cards so please withdraw quite pretty money before entering the restaurant.
+ You don’t have to leave the tip money if you do not like, and if really happy with their service you can leave a 5%-10% or just odd amount is rounded.
+ In Germany beer is favored but they also do not like the image of the drunken guys because according to them will lose America.

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