Taiwan – Top tourist attractions not to be missed

Some general information

The island-shaped leaves float upon the middle of the Pacific Ocean were the Portuguese called the beautiful island-ilha Formosa. Today’s Taiwan is famous not just economics-which was dubbed the “Asian Dragons”-but also attractive tourist destination tourists all over the world.
Visitors coming to Taiwan to see interesting natural attractions, meet the lovely people, lovely along traditional culture, colourful spot modern cities, shopping in the Bazaar teeming with goods always bustle and enjoy the excellent cuisine. Come to Taiwan the same beats of the heart of Asia.

The climate 
Taiwan has a tropical climate with temperature, not too high and not too low. The climate is classified into four distinct seasons, summer is hot and humid, rainy winter in the North (on the high peaks, the snow falls), while to the South, the dry and sunny light. Storm appeared in the summer (from June) and early fall (September). The best weather on the territory is in the middle of the spring (April) and fall (October)
Can come to Taiwan. Yet the right time to travel in Taiwan is from Late September to May of next year.
 Public transportation in Taiwan is very developed, convenient and easy to use, even for foreign visitors. Along the length of the territory of Taiwan, from Taipei, Taiwan to Kaohsiung, through the system of modern highways and metro routes 300 km/hour.
In Taipei and Kaohsiung, in addition to the bus and taxi system, modern urban tram, connecting the residential centre and other attractions.

Tourist attractions not to be missed

1. A Ly Son National Park: If you have time, you should spend all day visiting A Ly Son – beautiful forests of Taiwan. In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom color in the mountains.

2. Ximending Night Market: Great Souk, modern is a great place for you around eating and shopping. For the convenience of the trip, you should book a hotel in the area around Ximen station or crowded areas Shilin

3. Taipei city tour: Visit to Taipei, you should not miss places like Memorial Temple shek at MRT stations Chiang Kai-shek Memorial hall, Taipei Zoo, slings 4 kilometer in Maokong, long Son pagoda, and the night market Shilin

4.Nine Part (Jiufen):
It is also called “the land of the soul “when taken as the context of the film Spirited away. When to Nine Part, you should try your feeling sipping a highland tea, enjoying the rustic pie and reporters eyes upon the beauty of nature and slow pace of life here. Also do not miss the moment of transfer day – night, and see the old town at lights up. At night, you can look at the market and Thien pattern Raohe 250 year old national monument in Songshan station nearby to sightseeing, dining and shopping.

5. Waterfalls Cross Section (Shifen): It is a rural village of Taiwan, where young people often had to drop to heaven. In addition lanterns ready sale, you buy paper, self-designed lantern, recording agreements out there and drop into heaven. After sending wishes, you can walk along the path beside the rails for sightseeing, dining. Save energy by renting electric bikes to move to the waterfall Cross Section, major attractions.

6. Taipei 101: If given the opportunity to Taipei, you can not ignore the second highest building in t
he world with 101 this floor. From the 89th floor upwards, you can see the whole city and part of the Yangmingshan mountain if the weather is nice .

Taiwan has hotels, guesthouses serving standard international visitors in the large cities, small; and the senior Centre on high mountains, or in the hot mineral streams, or at the seaside.

The cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine, like the other regions in South China continent, but use less fat and not too spicy. Taiwanese cuisine, rich, diverse materials processing, and has a great taste.

The currency

The local radio station’s money, had rates of about 1USD ~ 3,200 TWD. You can easily exchange currency from dollars into Taiwan dollar at currency exchange counters throughout the shopping centre, or the market.
The international payment cards are accepted widely.

Goods in Taiwan, from fashion (clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion accessories, …) to jewellery, souvenirs, tea cake … very rich and diverse, international-standard quality.
Visit the area of the mountain forests, in addition to cultural exchange, you have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs are those of indigenous minorities (Austronesian Formosan) are allowed to directly manufacture, extraction from nature.

Preparing for the trip
Need to apply for a visa before coming to Taiwan, and prepare the appropriate attire.

Things to note
When shopping in the big trade centre, foreign visitors are refundable value added tax (5%) when carrying it exit from Taiwan.          
When shopping at the night market, or fair, you can pay the price (bargain) but not many; most of the items were sold under the listed price.       
Bad robbery, Pocket, a rare occurrence in Taiwan.

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