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Some general information

Political institutions: the State of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
Laos is a country in South Asia not only borders on the sea, on the North by China, southern Cambodia, Vietnam to the East, the North West borders with Myanmar and western borders with Thailand.
-Laos has an area of 236.800 km2 with a population of about 6 million people (in 2009) to use the official language is Lao (pronounced almost like Thai).
There are 3 main ethnic-Lao: Laos (Lao Loum-Groves: 57%), Laos (Lao Theung-Contact: 34 percent), Laos (Lao Soung-Breaking: 9%)
-About religion, the majority of Lao Buddhism accounted for 67%, Christian 1.5%, other faiths 31.5%.

Move in Laos

 -Public transport is not yet developed, taxis only in big cities but not many because due to personal media here quite cheap as tax-free import of Lao people should buy the car. The local media usually use as airport Tuk Tuk converted from passenger car or truck tractor.
-Travel along the Mekong River in Laos is also one of the ways to explore the lives of the people of Laos in a manner most closely. The route is often typical round-trip routes between the capital Vientiane and Luang Prabang to Huay Xai-Luang Prabang routes or. The ship usually depart in the morning, the price is not too high but can change according to the season. 
Tourist attractions
1. Vang Vieng

Can say, Vang Vieng is the “heaven of discovery” attracted millions of people travel backpacks and dust from around the world. With a beautiful landscape is considered the second-most in Laos, Vang Vieng Riverside town where the young gather in the conquest of the untamed or drunk wine yeast compound side of fainting.

2. Pha That Luang

PHA That Luang is a huge gilded stupa in Vientiane, the capital, is the important monuments and great pride for the people of “”Million elephant country”.

3. Si Phan Don

SI Phan Don is the large islands located in the southernmost tip of Laos, where the Mekong flows through peaceful Khone before inclusion into the big river in Cambodia. With 4000 different islands, Si Phan Don brings visitors to the beautiful marine paintings even spellbinding.

4. Luang Prabang

Will is not rounded in tourist journey of discovery “whale” If you have yet to visit Luang Prabang-one of the best preserved cities in Asia, where you are getting horny by the beauty marks do not fade with time.
Treasures of the city is located between the pair of the Mekong and Nam Khan in the northern mountains of Laos is the ancient Buddhist temples, natural landscape with new fresh breath of life of the villagers.

5. Bokeo Nature Reserve

Visitors to this tv ears still each other about beauty and appeal when visiting natural conservation area Bukeo in the Bukeo. And experience to explore off wilderness is join the Gibbon adventure Experience to explore the wilderness with the animals living there.

-Religion, belief in Laos was so priests in this country is very important to be viewed
-When in the temple worship area, or when the House of Lao people, the right boots, sandals to the outside, dress right and for women is not the face of clothes too short
-The monks are not allowed to touch women, so if you are a women be careful when passing next to the monks and avoid sitting next to monks on the public transport.
-Avoid discussing the issues about religion and politics for the people of Laos and when met often touted by waving or leaned my head together, shaking hands is not common in Laos.
-Etiquette-young men to austerities a times in their life. They first massage child-proofing, not love for the stranger into the House and touching objects. On Lao Buddhist holidays non, in the markets don’t sell meat, poultry meat nobody these days.
The currency
The currency of Laos is Lao “Kip” written off “Lak”, written as “₭”. Current paper currency in Laos are as follows: 50 ‘ 000, 20 ‘ 000, 10 ‘ 000, 5 ‘ 000, 2 ‘ 000, 1 ‘ 000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1₭ (coins are no longer used in Laos)
Thai and Us dollar is the Bath money exchange is widely used and is easy to convert currency for Laos. Note, the automatic teller machine was not used and the trust over the country of Laos.
Gift shopping
-Shopping popular at the market in Vientiane and Luang Prabang with items like silk fabric, cotton fabric, wood sculptures, carved, pottery, silver jewelry and handmade, items are very special and strange eye as: sarong of Lao (known as pha sin) or the kind of ethnic bags Here are the items often visitors buy to make the gifts or anniversary after the trip.
-The prices though have tagged prices quoted in the shop however bargain price still accepted in some places and depending on the seller.
-Opening hours of shops in major cities usually starts from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday-Saturday. However, a few small and medium stores open more often and Chelsea as nonstop day of the week.
Things to note when travelling in Laos
-In Laos, you can’t drink the water directly. To drink boiled water, or bottled water to ensure hygiene.     
-Due to the country’s Buddhist Laos people culture beliefs very seriously should note how to dress accordingly, especially when visiting places of worship, worship as: Temple, the temple, the Church … should be dressed discreetly for the best women shouldn’t wear short dresses, shorts, the lack of dignified.
-The law in Laos regulates when off the road must carry identification because the police can check any person when necessary.   
-Laos now also considered where safe travel. However should also note when travelling on crowded place or hour too late. Note When strangers, especially to be wary of those who want to get acquainted to the neighboring la see your Passport.       
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