Kazakhstan tourist experience – ” the country of the Apple “

Some general information
Spread over the northern part and the center of the Eurasian continent, with an area of 2.7 million km2, broader all Western Europe, adding to it’s mineral reserves and abundant natural resources, Kazakhstan is known to be the most affluent country in the Central Asian region. after breaking away from the Soviet Union and became independent countries in 1991 Kazakhstan has flourished, becoming one of the 15 countries with the highest growth worldwide. Currently, the economy of Kazakhstan has been motivated primarily from “black gold” when petroleum is a key source of income of this country. Estimates to the year 2015, Kazakhstan’s production reached 3 million barrels of oil per day, putting Kazakhstan became 1 of the 10 oil-producing countries in the world.

Language:  Kazakh, Russian 

Monetary unit: Tenge (KZT) 
Visitors note because the temperature in Kazakhstan there are rather large differences between the day and night so as to where you should prepare both warm coat to prevent cold on the night.

Should travel at? 
Kazakhstan has a continental climate with hot, dry, pretty summer winter very cold again, weather is relatively harsh. Most convenient time you should come to this travel is in the fall, from about September to November every year. 

The experience not to be missed.
Kazakhstan is not only known as the country’s largest Uranium exporter in the world and the top three countries in the CIS region about the reserves of precious metals. But so far, Kazakhstan is still the new land full of mystery with the exciting nature of the same cultural heritage of nomads. 
The Kazakhs are proud source of tulips with about 36 species and half of them are in the red book should be protected. Standing under the sunny skies of spring sweet chasms, you will be overwhelmed before the immensity of tulip fields beneath Snow White Mountains, Moto points perfect for dazzling nature paintings, wild strokes back part exquisite splendor.

To Kazakhstan for the first, you do not miss the opportunity to visit the center of finance, trade and culture, also known as “the country of the Apple” – the former capital Almaty.     

Is considered one of the most unique cities in the world, is located at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 900 metres, Alatay compared to sea level, Almaty is renowned for the beauty of the blue water lakes in the shadow of the clouds, fluted sides of the apple orchards, cherry and apricot gardens stretching across the steppe people love space science a journey of discovery, you really can’t miss Baikonur space center is located in the region of Kyzyorda, is the center of the universe to the oldest and largest in the world. 
Here, you enjoy not only a valuable scientific work history, where the first artificial satellite in the world was launched into orbit in 1957, is also where Soviet hero Yuri Gargarin made a successful flight into space, that above all, you still feel the people’s feats of Kazakhstan when the full keeping almost everything that’s known as the pride of the Soviet Union. Other than the look of Almaty, Astana – the capital of Kazakhstan, from 12-1997, is the makeover when new built completely on the tundra region, becoming one of the young, dynamic capital and moderns with miraculous growth.
Astana do surprised visitors by series of magnificent architectural works of the master architects, particularly with the biggest mosque in Central Asia-by Kangju Sultan has a total area of up to 17,500 m2, is a unique combination and improvisation between the Soviet-era Russian style with bulbous church spire characterized Islam mixing these bright colors tent dome featured in the nomadic culture of the Kazakh people. Should not overlook Central Park City Almaty, where the wing for the timeless love affair. Hundreds of young couples choose this Park photos before the wedding. 
Architectural works “pyramid of Peace” famous in the capital Astana by British architect Sir Norman Foster design, built on the occasion of the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions, which opened in late 2006, is also a symbol of this Central Asian nation.

Inside the “pyramid” is a 1,500-seat opera house, a national cultural Museum, library and research center of the ethnic communities of Kazakhstan. A famous travel works in Kazakhstan that visitors not to be missed is the largest Khan Shatyr tent. This tent about 150 m high, is designed with three layers of synthetic polymer insulation material made in the aviation industry, allowing daylight through, and still minimize the harsh weather of Kazakhstan. 
Eating & shopping: 
Any traveller when the Kazakhstan cuisine like lamb meat, horse meat, along with the typical beer of this land. Beer is a beverage popular in Kazakhstan and the people of this country are very fond of eating meat, especially lamb, beef and horse meat. 
If you visit a family of Kazakhstan and see a head of sheep on the dinner table, then don’t be surprised that please feel honored because the sheep only was served for our guests that homeowners in high regard. Guests can shop in the Trade Center or the bazaars of the indigenous people in order to get the gift of meaning behind the trip such as costumes, souvenirs and toys by pottery, furniture, silk scarf, … very unique and characteristic. 

There are many hotels from cheap to advanced for you to choose from. Maybe try a new sensation by trying to bed tent on the vast steppes. However the weather pretty cold night to note the dress warm enough. 

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