Panada tourist experience – The featured tourist attractions in Panama

Some general information 
By the year 1999, Panama controlled the Panama Canal connecting the North Atlantic Ocean via the Caribbean Sea to the North Pacific Ocean. This Panama Canal is also the main foreign currency earner of the country.
But just wide on 75,000 km2 and has a population of less than four million, but Panama is one of the financial centre, the largest commercial bank in the world today.
This is the Spanish-speaking countries and includes seven indigenous peoples in Panama: Emberá, Wounaan, Ngöbe, Buglé, Kuna, Nazo, Bribri.     
Panama is a country already suffering dollar turns the economy should USD is the official currency used in Panama, from banknotes to coins. The only remaining local money coin Balboa (PAB), worth exactly like American coins.
Should travel to Panama? 

The best time to visit Panama depends on what you plan to do. If you intend to spend most of your time to enjoy the sea, let’s go in December or January, when it rains less often and the best weather of the year.
Panama has two distinct seasons. The dry season lasts from mid-December to mid-April average temperature 22°C-32°C during the rainy season again took place from mid-April to December with high humidity.
How to go to Panama?        
There are many flights to Panama but generally will have to transit at least from 1 to 2 station stops and about the average flight time takes 1 more day and depending on flight you choose. You can learn and travel right through the website like,
The featured tourist attractions in Panama    
1. The Panama Canal
The Panama Canal is not only a symbol for the country, is the pride of the people of Panama but also a compelling destination not to be missed when traveling to Panama. You can stroll along the banks of the channel to see this great architecture or to Miraflores Central Park to the panoramic beauty of the Panama Canal.
2. Bocos del Toro Islands
Wild beauty with rich tropical nature brought Bocos del Toro Islands becomes the ideal destination for guests who love to experience the works explore the exciting nature such as eco-tourism, swimming, snorkelling coral … especially to Bocos del Toro, you are injured many delicious specialties , unique.
3. Panama City
Panama City with many attractions will bring you many unforgettable memories in the Panama trip. Panama City you will find many unique old buildings in the old quarter of Casco Viejo, visiting the many historic monuments and enjoy the incredibly fresh seafood in Panama’s most famous fish market.
4. National parks of Panama

The Panama national is the # 1 choice for eco-tourism, explore tropical natural diversity of Panama. Here, you will be enjoying the rich, incredibly diverse plant and animal systems with more than 10,000 species of plants and more than 1,000 species of birds.
Stay and cuisine     
Travel to Panama are very expensive and costly. If you want to go travel savings, you will pay at least US $30.00 to US $40.00 per day for a room and three meals. If you are looking to find a place of luxury, not lacking anything shop of hotels and chic restaurants to choose from. The price will be higher than in the high season mid-December to mid-April. Panama’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Spain, the United States and the Caribbean, the meal is usually the meat, with the coconut rice, fruits and vegetables grown locally.
What about gift buying homes?      
Is the busiest trade route is a land of diversity, has been caused by the different peoples living here. This different cultures specifically on the traditional craft product be sold lots on the street-a vibrant nature of Panama, the anniversary gift to send to relatives and friends.
Need to prepare anything before you go?       
-Depending on the time of telescopic travel, weather that the clothes will be prepared. Best dressed relax for day trips and much needed warm coat for the trip the high.
The other thing to note 
-You can drink water from the tap water in Panama.        
-The standard Tipping in Panama is about 10% of the Bill; This rate is if the coffee’s and more in places, tipping is not necessary.       
-Taxi in Panama does not have the clock value is negotiate meters between the driver and the passengers. There’s something quite funny is on the same way, if a person goes, then the money will have to pay will be less than three, four people. Go to more people then the amount due as much more, whether km is still a. And yet, though the car was there, if there are other people waving please go the same route, a taxi will pick-up stops away.      
-Perhaps this is one of the very few countries in the world that the city has only the name of the street rather than have the house number.

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