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About Barcelona
Barcelona is not only famous for the European Football Championship, and Spain where it is considered one of the ten most beautiful cities in the world. With the unique architecture and the valuable Museum of world history, Barcelona is extremely ideal for tourists in Europe.
Should Barcelona season in year/ideal time travel Barcelona
You can travel to Barcelona all season in the year. But Barcelona travel experience convenient, fit then should go into August and early September. This is the season to Barcelona people vacationing should be fairly quiet city, the restaurant and hotel discount, so you will easily find the accommodations cost savings.
In addition you can also travel between April and June with temperatures of 19-23° C is also the time to travel to Barcelona to visit full of places of the city.
When moving media in Barcelona/Go back to how when Barcelona travel
The traffic system here is pretty convenient for visitors, you can easily select the type of public transport such as bus, subway. Barcelona travel experience, you should be careful when going to the subway, because here a lot of pickpockets and thieves.
Guests can also choose a taxi to tour the city, but you need to request to turn on the meter money or ask for the price before his journey.
The featured tourist attractions in Panama
1.The Church of La Sagrada Familia.
La Sagrada Familia is designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi over 100 years ago and is not only one of the largest churches in Barcelona but also across the Church around the world.
The first foundation stone for building the Church was laid in 1882, when around only trees and goats. The splendid interior inside has been completed in 2012 and now completely open to the public, but the outside is still being built and completed at the rate of 65% in late 2013.
2. Country music program
The scene where daytime water music was also very nice. Here you can almost see the whole city from on high.
3. La Rambla
If you ever go on this street, as you’ve never been to Barcelona. You can come visit during the day or evening options, however, beware pickpockets on the road and in the nearby Metro stations.
4. FC Barcelona Museum and Camp Nou stadium.

If you have the opportunity to witness firsthand the team play Barca at home once, then that must be the most beautiful memories at Camp Nou where you don’t want to miss. However, if you have no luck in the right occasion to have the match ball to view, the Camp Nou stadium and FCB Museum also remains one of the exciting destinations and always attracts millions of visitors every year.
In addition, the football fans are definitely not want to miss the opportunity to buy coats and scarves at FCB stalls outside the Stadium on the day of play.
5. The area of Barrio Gotico (The Gothic Quarter)
Known as the medieval city of Barcelona, was built on the site and around the ancient Roman town of Barcino, this place has a lot of churches, commercial center, and the Museum features to visitors. You can see the thickness of the history this place through the brick built this Roman city walls.
6. Tibidabo hill

A tour of the Hill will be the trip to Tibidabo is quite interesting and excellent especially for children. Here, you will find a classic amusement park at the top of the Hill, and always open in summer from March to September. You can go to the top of this place by train, or by bus from Plaza Catalunya to Tibidabo. Funfair closed in winter, open on the weekends of spring, fall and open from Tuesday to Sunday during the summer, but to be sure, you should check prior to playing.
Some guesthouses, hotels cheap in Barcelona.
B & B Barcelona Center: Arrer de la Major 3-1, 221, Eixample, Barcelona. It has the minimal conditions to help you can rest after distant travels. This would be very appropriate if you want to save the cost of a trip. This is also the cheapest Hostel Barcelona
Hostal Lesseps: Gran de gracia Barcelona, Gràcia, 239. Price: 70 USD/night. If you have more conditions can rest in these cheap hotels in Barcelona. With the utility service such as a fireplace, wifi and it is important to go to the airport takes only 25 minutes. Here you easily go sightseeing locations in the city.
Aparthotel Augusta: Lincoln 32-34, Sant Gervasi, Barcelona. Price: 84 USD/night. This is a 3-star hotel has about 30 rooms beautiful, have air conditioning, fireplaces. When resting here visitors will be the staff suggested the location can have fun. Modern equipment will easily serve the visitors best. Aparthotel Augusta is cheap, quality hotels in Barcelona.

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