Portugal tourist experience – 10 beautiful and famous tourist destination for Portugal

 Portugal is a country extremely excellent has many beautiful landscapes, rich in historical value and cultural traditions. Portugal has a coastline which stretches 497 miles (800 km) and can surf to 364 days of the year. Located in southern Europe, Portugal is actually the destination of many visitors.

1.Lisbon capital – an impressive tourist destination in Portugal

Lisbon is the largest city and economic center, was also a great political, of Portugal. The city runs along the banks of the Tagus River near Lisbon, surrounded by the impressive beauty of the ancient Palace, the magnificent Castle. Lisbon became the capital in the year 1260. In 1755, the city was buried by an earthquake tragedy, later Lisbon was rebuilt and became popular attractions in Europe. The whitewashed stone buildings, the unique architectural blocks, the winding alleys, beautiful helped Lisbon is the impressive tourist destination in Portugal. 

2. Algarve city-one of the ten most beautiful tourist destination Portugal

Tranquil olive groves, the village covered a tranquil white paint color for the Algarve became the ideal destination when traveling to Portugal. With a Mediterranean climate of warm sunny, windswept coastline, besides the impressive escarpments will help you feel relieved after long trips tiring.

Tourism in Portugal, in the Algarve have many very attractive tourist activity that you can hardly ignore. As thrills with skydiving. You can select the scene hung vy and favorable weather conditions to make this game.

Algarve sea is also one of the most famous surfing venue in Europe, very fit with who has the ambition to conquer the monster waves. Here you can see the beautiful surfing phase of professional surfers, or you can also order experience with small waves.
In addition you can scuba diving to explore the oceans here. Seas Algarve, is also where the ship of the Portuguese military strategy was sunk, today it becomes fascinating attractions of Portugal. Deep dive into the water, visitors also witnessed the largest artificial reef in the world and the creatures that live on the bottom of the ocean.

To the famous places in Portugal-Algarve, you also don’t forget the experience of swimming with dolphins, or take a walk in the vineyards, the olive in the countryside!

3. The city of Obidos-the ancient beauty of Portugal

Located in Western Portugal, Obidos located on a hilltop, the Centro area, surrounded by walls. This is where the tourists attracted by the beauty of the ancient, the medieval castle and the historic centre. Guests here will enjoy the winding cobblestone streets, the bustling square, the shops of san, the House painted white lies adjacent contact. All make up a fascinating ancient paintings. This beauty that main Obidos become attractive destination when traveling to Portugal. 

4. The city Palace of Sintra, Portugal

Sintra was considered the jewel of architecture of Portugal not only by the romantic nature, beautiful gardens, ancient forests stretching the slopes of the hill which is also the home of so many castles, palaces and ancient monasteries. This is considered the most beautiful place when traveling to Portugal. 

5. Madeira-beautiful locations when travel Portugal

Madeira is a fertile oasis located on the Atlantic Ocean, here also are guests in favor of so-called “floating garden in the Atlantic”. By this is the home of many beautiful flowers. If you are here in the spring will be felt the shimmering colors of thousands of flowers. Madeira is one of the beautiful destination when traveling to Portugal.

6. Porto-tourist attractions in Portugal

Porto is a city always all turn and bustle. This is the world-famous place of wine production. Come to Porto you can walk to visit the Cafe located san suicide together. Or to the famous tourist destinations of Portugal is the bridge Ponte Luis, Porto’s icon.
7. Visit the old quarter of Evora

Evora can is only a small town located in the plains of southern Portugal, but it is a unique location when traveling to Portugal. With over 2,000 years of history, Evora was a prosperous city under the rule of the Roman Empire. Today, the Evora is considered the well-preserved old quarter for Portugal with more than 4,000 historical works.

8. Tourist attractions of Portugal-Aveiro

Aveiro is located along the Atlantic coast, this is a fairly vibrant city and was dubbed the “Venice of Portugal”. It has a system of canals interlaced and the beautiful bridge. Guests will be seated on the reverse sweep high speed boat and tour the historical sites.

9. The Azores-whale-watching location in the Atlantic Ocean

The Azores is located to the West of Lisbon about 1,500 km, consists of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This is considered the best whale watching spots in the world. The Azores are also tourist attractions with hot mineral springs, the coastal towns and the beautiful island. It is one of the ten most amazing locations when traveling to Portugal.

10.Visiting venue Coimbra Travel Portugal

Coimbra is located in Central Portugal, is a charming little town on the banks of the River Mondego subregion. It focused more historic treasures, with a vibrant culture and ancient architecture. Besides Comibra is also one of the home to the oldest university in Europe. Coimbra is also a place not to be missed when traveling to Portugal. 

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