Italy tourist experience – The Seven most famous bridges in Italy.

Introduction Italy

Italy-country located in southern Europe is the destination of many visitors thanks to a special points of ” Country-shaped boots”.

 Italy is the country located in southern Europe, the United States has three green-white-red was familiar with a lot of people. This country is the source of many European cultures, as well as for the Renaissance movement-the movement to bring many geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, … as well as to give it more typical architecture.
To the South by the Mediterranean Sea, a common border with France in the North-West, Italy is an ideal place to visit during his European tour.

 The appropriate time to travel Italy

Two of the most beautiful month of the year in Italy is July and August. At this point, those who go the Italian tour will be joined on the long queue of people at the “hot spots” travel, pull in that is the price of services increased to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

If can not go on in the summer, visitors can also book air tickets to Italy in the period April-June and September-October. Southern Italy is the preferred destination in the spring due to cheaper services. If as in the spring, it has a lot of United Left and the Festival then in autumn, the weather becomes warmer and also grapes to harvest season.
Over a period of 5 months of rest, price increases for 20%. Along with many places to visit in the coastal area and the mountains closed. In return, this time there are many cultural events are held.
Language and Italian culture

Italian speaking Italian, English-speaking, however the problem is not too large. In some restaurants, hotels, English is still the next. You can learn a few simple sentences to communicate with local people.
With many of the hallmarks of Renaissance culture, Italy to leave the impression of a culture carries many noble traits. The typical definition of architecture, sculptures of the same painting of Italy was the UNESCO Organization acknowledged. In addition, referred to Italy as well as mentioning the unique cuisine with pizza, spaghetti, pasta …
The Italian currency

As members of the European Union, Italy using the euro as the national currency unit. You can change money to paper money and coins to use, or pay by credit card, which is accepted at most restaurants, hotels across the country.

 Italian Gourmet & cuisine

As said above, the cuisine is one of the special features of Italy. Can call “nation a” is a “giant” kitchen, full of the non food from and the scroll, the cuisine has been refined through the generations. And the Italian people are proud because the essence of the cuisine of their countries.

 The famous tourist destination in Italy

• The capital Rome: Rome is not only of the capital but also as the “capital of the world”, with the famous quotations: “All roads lead to Rome”. Through numerous stages of development, Rome became the superpower of the Western Europe, then the center of the Catholic World, and now this became points of collection of literary art, two millennia old.

• The city of Venice: Venice is also a famous Italian tourist destination. The romance is demonstrated right from the tourists and people moving by boat through the streets, homes, … Can say, Venice will also is a symbol of poetic beauty in a very long time.
• Tuscany: land of Central Italy can gratify the most demanding people about art and beauty. This place has the city of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site known as the “home of the most prestigious art world”. Tuscany is also the land kept the romance was seen through the beautiful undulating architecture as in painting, from the Manhattan-style skyline of San Gimignano to the hillside vineyards of Chianti.
The Seven most famous bridges in Italy
The country, with the highest peak of the architecture, the history of the bridge, not only do its functions properly, but also as a symbol of beauty. Not just impress visitors by beautiful natural, wonderful people, tour Italy mosaic still deep in your memory the image of the beautiful notable bridge, crosses the River, dreaming of fresh green.

1. Ponte Vecchio bridge

There is no doubt about the level of popularity of this bridge, the Ponte Vecchio was built from the year 1345, with unique designs including the small shop is located on the bridge. Visitors are extremely interested in the souvenir shop is located on the bridge.
During time away from the river side to side, the visitors are the rental agreement item of Florence.

2.The Rialto Bridge

The most special thing about this bridge is that it is Antonio Da Ponte. He has overcome a lot of those other names, including Michelangelo to become the architect of this work.
With the inverted “V” shape design, works are the important highlights of Venice, Italy attracted many tourists to admire.
3. Bridge of Sighs bridge

This bridge is located in Venice, Northern Italy, are made from white stone. The bridge was designed with the open window to enjoy the views of the river. The Architect Antonio Contino is the designer of this work in 1600.

4. Ponte dell’Accademia bridge

48m long, the Ponte dell’Accademia is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. The bridge was built in the 19th century, there has been degradation and limited use. From the year 2011, the City Government has been trying to build a bridge to replace.

5. Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge

Also known as the bridge, the bridge of angels fame Ponte Sant’Angelo was taken into use from 134 years by the Roman emperor Hadrian. The bridge over the River Tiber, connecting the city centre to the castle of Sant’Angelo (Castle of Angels). The bridge comprises 5 beats long, 135 m, serving pedestrians.
On the bridge is decorated with the statues of angels and beautifully crafted, distinctive impression to visitors.

6. Ponte della Costituzione bridge

Is the fourth bridge was built spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, the Ponte della Costituzione 88m length. This work was officially inaugurated on 11 September in 2007.
Originally the bridge was intended to be built in a different location, song demonstrations of the politicians and the majority of people have caused the bridge to move to other places.

7. Italian Viaduct bridge

With a height of 259m, this is the highest bridge in Italy. When new was built in 1974, the second highest bridge in the world and this position has lagged since a year. Notable bridge in Viaduct Italian Laino Borgo, Calabria, Italy, spanning the River Gorge.
Talking about the bridge, the Italian writer Erri De Luca,, writes: “the bridge is the only create connection, contact and exchanges”. Everything through the hands of the Italian art are becoming the incredible beautiful.

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