Indonesia travel experience – The featured tourist attractions in Indonesia

Thousands of lush tropical islands in the southern sea, ranging from the Indian Ocean through the Pacific, formed a multi-racial country, multilingual and multicultural, all of the same unity in diversity. Indonesia intrigued with ancient ruins, stunning beaches, the solemn mosques. Indonesia has the famous tourist spots such as Jakata, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang and Bali paradise with these festive and beautiful beaches.

Indonesia travel experience
Indonesia offers marvelous visitors the experience compelling. The country steeped in tropical sunshine, the wind blew the man on the White Sands hypnosis essential in crystal-clear blue sea shore; the peaceful, hospitable people with Southeast Asian culture full of brilliant shades. Still, the mysterious charm of the ancient temple, sacred mysteries among the towering green forests, the wild tribes hidden amongst the jungle living practices that appear to have the remain long, high mountains hold yet, or the raw Virgin coral reefs as invites visitors to discover , enjoy.

Travel climate
Indonesia has a tropical climate, the influence of the ocean, hot and humid. The temperature varies little throughout the year. Average temperatures in the Plains bordering the sea is 28°C, the Interior is 26° c, the Alpine region is 23°C. The influence of the winds season has created two distinct seasons: the dry season (June to October) and the rainy season (November to March of the following year).
Can to Indonesia to travel around in. However it should be noted, in January and February often have heavy rain; August forest fires occur or pollute the air.

Movement in Indonesia
The most appropriate transport for foreign tourists in Indonesia’s taxi. In the capital Jakarta have the urban tramway network.
To move between the cities on the Islands, Indonesia has a network of domestic routes. In addition, visitors can also take the ferry at sea, most of the old ferry and at least have modern high-speed trains.

The featured tourist attractions
1. Lake Toba

Toba is like a giant Ocean. Very rustic, peaceful but also unspoiled and majestic, truly fascinated people. It’s hard to find a place of ideal landscapes as such to approach together, swimming and boating. Although it is a popular tourist destination in the world, Lake Toba still carries an inherent natural beauty. Out of the small village in Toba is the fertile agricultural land, the Church and some exotic tombs are scattered.

2. Tanjung Puting National Park

The Park is an eco-tourism destination, with many local tourism companies offer boat tours several days to view wildlife and visit the Research Center. Wild animals, including Gibbons, monkeys, bears, clouded, pythons, crocodiles and the most famous is the orangutan. Unfortunately a lot of the Park has been threatened by illegal mining accident and deforestation for agricultural purposes.

3. Mount Bromo volcano

People who like to explore the tourist arrival in Indonesia usually do not miss the chance to conquer the complex of the famous volcano Bromo-Semeru-Batok in Tengger mountains, in eastern Java. If you want to enjoy the first moments of the day atop the volcano, usually you have to loose the closest city, Malang, from 2 o’clock in the morning. Indonesian hot year round weather, however in some areas, like in the Tengger Highlands, night temperature down very low. The weather is always sudden cold transfer when moving from the terrain low climb in the early morning. If not prepared cold shirt carrying, you will have to buy these warm shirt, scarves, gloves by the local people to sell.

4. Torajaland

Torajaland is the Kingdom of the boat-shaped House on the cliffs … Between the mist of the plateau, that’s impressive when looming in the sunset is the soaring roof that the Toraja is Tongkonan. The Tongkonan lined long runs straight afternoon I looked like the ships sailing pride are tied between a Highland.

5. Komodo National Park

What makes this island became famous and attract more tourists to visit it was specially animals still exists only here-the Komodo dragon. The Komodo dragon is a professional and predators they are enemies of the species, from mice to as big as a Buffalo. Had the Komodo dragon attack and eat people. The Indonesian authorities said, a Swiss tourists are sitting alone while his companion groups continue to explore the island of the Dragon, then suddenly he is attacked and ate the meat. However this is only the case for Greece.

6. Bali

The diverse scenery, rugged coastline, tropical beaches, lush terraces and volcanic hillsides all provide a picturesque backdrop to the colorful, full of spirit and originality by Hindu culture of Bali. The combination of friendly people, a splendid culture, beautiful beaches, the ideal waves to surf and excellent diving regions have turned Bali became one of the tourist destinations of Indonesia.

Traditional festival
Multi races country, multicultural, multi religious, Indonesia was known to be a country of many festivals. Including:
Eid al-Fitr with 3 days of “new year” hosted career marked the end of Ramadan; We coincide in August, September’s day.
Nyepi, new year first year of colourful people according to Hinduism, often overlap in the March of the calendar.

In Indonesia, the system of tourist hotel of international level reaching out across major cities across the country. With Bali, the impression is that the cluster series high-end facilities at Nusa Dua Beach and on the plateau of Bedugul.
The cuisine
Indonesian cuisine is rich in raw materials, diverse ways of processing, have little influence of traditional Indian spices.

The currency
Local currency is the Rupiah, have rates of approximately 1USD ~ 13,700 IDR (IDR 1,000 ~ 1,600 USD). You can easily exchange currency from dollars into Rupiah at the Exchange counters throughout the shopping centre, or the market.
The types of international payment card only available in large shopping centers and at the hotel, the restaurant serves international customers.
The strength of the Indonesian is presents crafts. The sophisticated jewelry made from precious stones evil; souvenirs, household objects made from natural materials such as shell, coconut shell, nacre, leaves … The highlight is the traditional flower cloths colourful batik, smooth and silky to incredible.

Preparing for the trip
Visa not required if to Indonesia with the purpose of tourism.
You need to prepare a broad airy attire, relaxed, but need a little discreet, especially as to the location, or area mosques.
Note need sunscreen and hats.

Things to note
Preserving health, should not expose yourself too long in the Sun and drink plenty of water.
To avoid scams, only change the money at the cash desk of the Bank official, usually located inside the Trade Center, the airport, docks.
Take taxis and shops in the market need to pay the price (bargain).
Respect the local customs. Need costumes and serious attitude when visiting the religious architecture (Islam, Hinduism).

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