Unitied States tourist experience not to be missed.

About Unitied States.

Some general information With 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million kmĀ²) and over 300 million people, the United States is a large country or third rank fourth in total area. Ranked 3 on the ground area and also ranks 3rd in population. The United States is a nation of diverse races in the world, as a result of the exodus from many other countries around the world.

Languages  : 
English was chosen as the official language, while Spanish is widely used in Southern California, New Mexico, Texas and Miami, Florida.
US should travel in time? 
+ Spring: 3-5
+ Summer:  6-8
+ Fall:  8-11
+ Winter: 12-2
Because of its large size, the United States climate varied, depending in each different region. However climate between regions in the United States is not necessarily homologous, while some areas with a temperate climate, the regions have a tropical climate, or other areas to bring climate extreme terrain or climate desert. Though weather climate in the United States such diversity, but it did not make the excursions of tourists become complicated if there is a thorough understanding of the destination, before guests choose their time of travel. In the US, many regions in winter with snow covered thick, hot and humid summers. Therefore, the most appropriate time to travel often falls in the spring and autumn, the weather in two this season more pleasant. However, visitors should also be noted that, late spring early fall in some parts of the United States often tornadoes or in areas along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico often storm.

The experience not to be missed. 
There to 50 States stretching across the territory, should the United States tourist attractions easily makes visitors feel suffocation when it is a rather long list that perhaps discover forever still not off. In fact, Sightseeing excursions in the United States that is not too difficult as envisioned by many visitors. If the clear delineation between the area with its typical destinations, discover the vast country becomes easy and a lot more gentle. The score according to the Division of the land area of the United States, though there are 50 U.S. State but divided into 13 regions are fairly easy to identify as the New England, mid-Atlantic, southern United States, Florida, Midwest, Texas, the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. Each area has the state very familiar to visitors and each State has the city quite typical with these featured destinations, but be sure you don’t have to miss out when selected the area you want to explore.

Major cities and popular with tourists.

New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii … Stay and gastronomy in hotels , hotels in the US perhaps not like in the country with tourist development in the world because there are quite distinct characteristics. If the hotels in other countries to follow a benchmark certain to suit the scene, style or architectural or cultural characteristics that, the hotels in the United States re-style finish freedom and liberal arts from the United States to the service style, and architectural features. Visitors can find in the United States range of leading brand of accommodation services such as Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Sheraton, Hyatt, … 
The brand offers its hotel systems distributed at key points of the US in a very personal style. Visitors can also see the ultra-luxurious hotel, pricey guests can turn up at the hotel as the king of queens. Opposition to the system of the luxury hotel is a series of affordable guesthouses but fully equipped, is arranged dense along the journey, to tourists or travelers always find accommodation leg of the trip its short-term across the country. The mid-range hotel is also construction in the city, however the hotel was not much midrange and not as common as common in other countries thrive on tourism. 

– American cuisine is a concept that seems quite vast and bring some abstraction. This vast field because the United States is a nation of immigrants, carries the cultural characteristics of their country into the United States, including culinary. It features abstract because the cultural diversity of ethnic diversity makes it difficult to imagine what is essentially traditional cuisine and American original. 
But there are some dishes that visitors must try while in the United States such as: Pizza New York, cake lemon Florida, sandwiches sausage Chicago or king crab Alaska is the dish more preferred coming to this country . 

– Shopping Normally the opening hours of supermarkets from 9:00 or 10:00 am; closed at 17:00 or 18:00 pm

– Brands in the United States relatively cheaper than Europe and Australia. However, the current situation of prices in some commodities sharply in late will be an opportunity for you to spend your money. 

– Depending on the type of item, the purchase you make balance value of products with real value. The best way would be to convert the equivalent value of the US currency , if the difference is not very high, it may be prepared comfortable and reassuring because a purchase good, beautiful and durable.

– Shopping in the United States always has great attraction for tourists all over the world. However, visitors should buy the best tour on the big occasion by the festival is an opportunity for the retail business in the United States launched a series of promotions.

– Season shopping in this country tend to focus on these occasions: Easter (April), National Day (May 4-7), the summer holidays with a program or Thanksgiving sales Summer (Special Black Friday – occur after Thanksgiving – the biggest deals of the year, up to 40-70% off sale) with the promotion lasts from the 3rd week of November to Christmas and New Year season (late December). – Guests can also visit the Factory Outlet brand buying cheap clothes, shoes. Here, visitors can purchase discount from 25% to 40%.

Some other notes:

To reduce the debilitating condition of the body for a long time sitting on the plane and the time difference , you should: 
+ Rest before traveling about 2 days.
+ On the plane should wear lightweight clothing and comfortable; eat more fruit (or fruit drinks), drink plenty of water, avoid the rest, sometimes have to stand up to exercise in multiple movements.
Public toilets – Smoking:

This is a way of life went into the subconscious and self-conscious of all Americans. While not demanding as Singapore but the US government still has law fines people littering in public places. In the US, some public place, you are not allowed to smoke. You are not allowed to smoke on the plane.

Though quite good but in the city there are also tourist areas should not loitering . It is best you should consult the hotel staff or local police to know which areas to avoid.
To safety on the trip far from the best, please use credit card (credit card), cash carried only limited and mostly money travelers to use the airport, on the tour.

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