Singapore tourist experience – top 5 tourist attractions.

About Singapore.

– Singapore has the busiest seaport in the world with more than 600 sea route, one of the oil refining and distribution center of the world’s oil, which provides the electronic components and is head of the national industrial fabrication and ship repair. Besides, the country also is one of the most important financial center in Asia with the presence of more than 130 banks. Along with a network of innovative communications coverage throughout the world via the satellite system, the Telegraph, as well as the mobile phone network operate 24/24, Singapore is the business location convenient.
-With strategic position, perfect infrastructure, the cultural contrasts full of fascinating sights and attractions is the contributing factor to bring success to Singapore and turn this country become the top destination in both the commercial and tourism sector.
Transport in Singapore.
Singapore has a system of public transportation very convenient development and easy access to everywhere in the city, especially the Metro system MTR and Bus. You can buy tickets to travelers each leg or buy according to the package to use multiple times depending on the needs.
– Taxi: can taxi at the hotel, taxi or buses and stations along the way. However during peak hours you should call ahead and announce the name, pick-up points because the driver will confirm this information when your pick.
Note: traffic in Singapore in the right-hand drive (left), hence the need to note when walking, crossing the street, or when the up down the Taxi and bus. You remember absolutely obey the traffic laws.
Tourist attractions.

1.The shopping boulevard Orchard
Orchard Road is a haven of entertainment and major shopping in Singapore, popular with both local residents and visitors alike the foreigners. Along the road are numerous commercial centers, many luxurious restaurants, a chain of cafes, bars and flashy hotel. This region is the most advanced and fashionable in Singapore.

2. Resorts World Sentosa 
You will have fun and explore while visiting the island of Singapore Marine Park Marine Life Park, Dolphin Island, a water park and aquarium artificial. The highlight at Resorts World Sentosa park Universal Studios Singapore cinema

3. Clarke Quay
Larke Quay bustle with a variety of antique shops, unique fashion boutiques, trendy cafes, jazz clubs … This is a picture of cultural entertainment and culinary colorful Asia – Europe.

4.Gardens by the Bay 
Park in the heart of the city, including 3 main areas: Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. Gardens by the Bay is famous by the “super trees” huge height and light from 20-25m nightly art.

5. Singapore Flyer 
The “giant Ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer was inaugurated in 2008 with Pier height, consists of 28 cabins have air-condition, each cabin can hold 28 people per weekly. Merry-go-round in particular serves both disabled wheelchair guests. Located on Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer from the Summit, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of the lion.


– Boasting a harmony of all three cultures in Asia is Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim communities of Indians, Chinese and Malays in Singapre .
– Please remove shoes before entering your home or place of worship (except churches and synagogues).
– In most places, people shake hands when meeting. But remember that Muslim women are not allowed to touch the man unless it is relatives or their husband. Instead of shaking hands, just smile and nod is enough.
– The Singapore often exchange business cards with both remember receiving a business card 2 hand and always appreciate it, do Gaur cards in his pocket, but do not see anything.


Hotels in Singapore have higher rates of some Asian countries in the area and has an area of small rooms like in Hong Kong because in Singapore very expensive land price should the hotels or residential building lot with an area of the room is quite small. However the rooms are equipped with full facilities and luxury. Cheap hotels are often located far from the Centre and the shopping district, the little India, Chinatown is home to many types of hotels for visitors to choose from. You can easily choose and book rooms in Singapore through the online network.

The currency

-The currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar (SGD) and the denominations are:
Paper money: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 SGD.
Coins: 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1 SGD
-When purchasing goods, the majority of the stores use only local funds. So, you need to bring American dollars in exchange.

Things to note :

-Phone: most visitors can use the phone right in the room of the hotel along the Board Manual. However, you should not use the phone at the hotel because the price is very high. Way cheaper than you should buy prepaid calling card use international calls . Call the phone in Singapore: (0065) + telephone number.

-Electricity in Singapore using voltage 220 ~ 240 volts.

-Smoking is banned in public places, restaurants, karaoke bars, … In addition, the litter public places will be punished very badly, the first indiscriminate littering will be fined a maximum of 1,000 Singapore dollars, re-offending, the fines will increase to 2,000-5,000 dollars and to public workers.

Aviation rules and customs in Singapore.

-Entering Singapore, if you bring alcohol and cigarettes will be taxed highly.
-Singapore prohibits the following items: guns, paper money and coins, gum, toys, books and cultural products have unhealthy content, the kind of gun lighters, as well as the culture of copying products. Singapore special will apply the death penalty to anyone who carries more than 15 g, 30 g hêroin morphine or cocaine, 1.2 kilograms of opium, 500 g 250 g of cannabis, methamphetamine.
-Please do not bring alcohol, eggs, canned. Seafood < 5 kg, 5 kg, < food crops > 3 kg, 250 g < seed, ornamental fish are allowed to carry no more than 5 children in 5 liters of water.

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