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Hue possesses the beauty of that idyllic deep meditative which led the ancient knew how people have to keep in mind. Prompted to travel to hue is a reference to the beauty of Vietnamese daughter tenderness “Ao dai ” purple. Travel to Hue, the visitors will admire the beauty of the historical.

Located in the narrow strip of land in Central Vietnam, hue city is its longstanding culture, beautiful natural landscapes and the same love of historical populations are world recognized. Hue travel has long been known as an attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign visitors.

 Today the city is known as the Hue Festival of Vietnam, first held in 2000 and held two years. Hue also known mount majestic reflected party lines Dwell Perfume River dreaming and the ancient ruins of the King’s reign, the visitors go to travel to hue known to many beautiful beaches is ideal for those who love to travel: lang co beach is one of the most beautiful bays in the world peaceful and pristine style with a strip of sand smooth white, sea blue, Thuan An Beach often have these strong waves, very suitable for the water slide games, surfing … with Hue travel experience, the beaches relatively sheltered Ocean Scene, has a gentle, fine white sand, very convenient for the Organization of different types of tourism and sport.

 Hue is also the ideal tourist destination not to be missed for those who love to learn, discover the historical monuments, the culture of Vietnam. On this tour the Hue on a rise because the city of Hue has always kept and preserved the Tomb, several hundred year old temples of the God King.

 In addition, to the tourism Festival in Hue you know Hue is the land of typical folk festivals such as: Hue Festival in Southern Champa as Champa tradition, Festival in memory of the founding village soup stubs, the Festival commemorates the birth of the traditional trades. In this occasion, several community activities are maintained still rewarding organizations such as tug boats, racing, wrestling … attract many viewers annually.

With the world’s cultural heritage, the natural landscape, many historical, specialty products, as Garden House is a unique symbol of hue as: Garden House, Security Member, Ngoc Son Garden House Princess, Her Net Family Member, Page bhikkhu … along with hotel systems , restaurant, other service offerings, the city has become a very attractive tourist centre of tourists to Hue. With a welcome capacity has three 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 5 7 Hotels 3 stars and many hotels reach 1-2 stars.

To travel to Hue to the image with poetic beauty of the perfume River, the ancient tradition of Tomb, historical culture, typical folk festivals. .. that you also  by people, the gentle Virgin got her long, gentle voice goes on. So which Hue travel is always the place to attract tourists both in winter and outside the country. 

Visit the attractions of Hue as: cultural tourism in South Africa, Kim Long Assembly Hall, the old Socialist-Chi lang, Bach Dang nightlife vương; to listen ca Hue on the perfume River, sail along the perfume River, Ngu River. Enjoy traditional specialties are very rich, diverse, deeply characteristic of Hue as duct, filter plant, bakery, tea bar, sour shrimp, Sesame xửng, along with the souvenir products according to the imprint of history. Hue travel a travel destination not to be missed.
The climate.

 Thua Thien-Hue province is located in the tropical monsoon, with transition from subtropical chain inner line up Asian monsoon, influenced by the climate of transition between the North and the South of our country.

The weather is divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season starting from August to November with average rainfall from 2,500-2,700 mm. Dry season extends from March to July, little rain, the amount of water evaporated, usually have large rainstorms. The average annual temperature in hue is 240C. The average 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. The average humidity is 84%. The number of storms pretty much, usually starting in June, is in September, October.

Have to say, with the values of nature and man-made, Hue is really a great city for tourists. Whether you want to explore or stay cool, the Hue is also a choice of completely appropriate. Come and feel the beauty of Hue.

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