Da Lat in VietNam tourist experience

Da Lat-the city was dubbed the Paris of Vietnam, also known as the city. Any visitors to Da lat travel piece of land to have found this place has the charm, unique to the exotic. 

Stretching from North to South with many provinces and cities. Speaking to the city then we referred directly to Hanoi to Ho Chi minh city is the country’s largest municipality but when I mentioned the place worth living for Vietnam, we do not theet do not mention the city of Dalat’s beautiful scenery of city life. And it is also known with a name, love city. Let’s go find out about this city.

  From Ho Chi Minh City, take route 20 cars approximately 300 km to Da Lat. Path will take us to climb gradually, gradually higher and when touching Prenn waterfall in the Da Lat before me was the towering pine forest three leaf, two leaves. Going into the city of Da Lat, we will discover a “Museum” of the beautiful lakes, waterfalls, valleys and hills of grass today, to Da Lat visitors will feel there’s a very architectural definition, extravagant epic that discreetly through villas nestled among the tree leaves or brilliantly by covered up a whole forest of flowers. Da Lat residential community is a very unique integration of peoples from the North, Central South region. Both provinces have over 20 people, were free, then the M’nong, plating, the Ho. .. The inhabitants around Da Lat and region Di Linh planting vegetables and flowers give the Southern Province.

 Da Lat Oriental in beautiful Highlands cultural identity as legendary. The gentle people living by the profession do not materialise, the garden, planted with coffee, tea, cattle … On the Festival of the village, the family fun day, visitors will see them dance, sing, play music with the unique instruments that sound of it sounded like the wind howling, the flowing falls, on rocky Rapids.

  As a minor Paris, Da Lat ever dreaming and thanks to the cold plateau of night, early morning fog and the strip of pine forest that surrounded the city. This space, however, has somewhat been lost the essence of France in the Villa architecture of lack of care or been modified do not match.

  Although tourism is a strong song as well as the factors that alter the Da Lat towards urbanization. The beautiful natural environment have created the Da Lat people have lovely style, gentle, elegant and hospitable. o be blessed on climate as well as the great innovator of the Da Lat people should have the famous tourist destination without a place in Vietnam can match.

  Hills of the Isle in the heart of Da Lat city is next to Xuan Huong Lake is therefore often referred to as a stick-adjacent location-many people believe that the U.S. will rate Da Lat if lack of hills Isle and Ho Xuan Huong. In 1942, when the city plan of Da Lat Lagisquet, architect has circled the hilly Isle as a sacrosanct area aims to create an open vision for Da Lat. Later, a British architect who designed the Hardworking Hill into turn 9-hole golf course is fairly well-known in Southeast Asia and now Hardworking Hill has been upgraded to an 18-hole golf courses. The name of the Hill Island unknown there ever since, and so called “Cu” Hill has two directions, someone said that the bombs in the hills where when you look from a distance like bare back plate of the giant Isle should have for von called “Hardworking Hill”; also the explanation of the name “Hill Island” because it is a place to play golf or hit the island.

  Xuan Huong Lake in the heart of Da Lat city and next to the hills of the Island. The Lake is an artificial lake was built in 1919 by the initiative of Cunhac. To form the Lake, people up a dam sure stream flows through the Valley, the Lake has an area of 25 ha of water surface, long circumference of 5, 1 km around the Lake are many unique architectural artistic value, high aesthetic was built as the Palace Hotel, forest park, school sports Union House Restaurant, Bar, Cards Ta … Formerly named Lake Grand Lac (great Lake). In the early morning mist shows up very beautiful and poetic. Yellow Springs Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, provide running water to the city through the spillway of the water supply company of Da Lat. Golden stream valley is also a famous tourist destination with flower garden and pine forest.

 Da Lat flower park is located around on the shore North of Xuan Huong Lake, on the Hill of the Valley Isle. Da Lat flower park previously named Bich, now the area of the park were extended to 7000 m ², with open layout, created the impression for people who suddenly stopped. The types of flowers and ornamental plants grown in Da Lat’s famous trimmed thoughtful care, fresh scenery, rich in four seasons. Regular annual Flower Festival and is intended to invite message, attract investors in foreign countries and development of Da Lat and the surrounding areas became the center of flower production and export of the country and Southeast Asia.

 Da Lat is also famous for its beautiful architecture such as the Church of  Da Lat, the monastery Domain de Marie, Bao Dai, electric power Station, Da Lat, Dalat University … along the many villas scattered throughout the city; Linh Son pagoda, Linh Phong, Linh Quang, Ancient temples, the Heavenly Gourmet … and especially Meditation Institute of Forestry Structure located on a hill overlooking 25ha poetic Da Lat. From the beginning of the year 2003 had put the cable from the city up to the temple gate. Da Lat is also the hometown of M’nong ethnic, plating, Coho … with many unique customs.
Da Lat has become a great tourist destination and is underlined in the manual have to come when the visitors came to Vietnam, besides visiting the sights we also make efforts together to contribute where it is becoming cleaner.

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