Australia tourist experience.

As to the country of Australia, you will find the beauty of untouched nature strange beautiful as paintings. Time you experience in this beautiful country, I sure would be peaceful moments, relax and precious. To have a good trip, you need to have the experience of air ticket, climate, …
About Australia.

Australia is one of the Nations diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the most abundant in the world with an area of nearly 7.7 million km2, including six States (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia) and two territories (The Australian Capital Territory-Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory-Northern Territory)
Should travel to Australia?
The average temperature varies from 27 degrees C in the far north to 13 degrees Celsius in the South. Summer starting December to February, the fall from March to May, winter from June to August and spring from September to November and the relatively cool spring. The relative climate should markedly depending on the preferences you should choose the most appropriate travel time.
The experience not to be missed:
Are recognised as Australia has the beauty’s very own 2 major cities such as Melbourne, cold climate area with beautiful scenery, friendly people and Sydney with warmer climates, the air of a Prince of the busiest urban fashion, the most abundant culture. Or visit the famous city of Gold Coast, Queensland with games feeling strong as surf clubs and bustling bars throughout the night in the area Suffer Paradise or spend a day visiting the world’s Dream world, wet and wild, Movie world.
Stay and cuisine.
– Hotels in Australia are also quite diverse and globally is especially the tourist, you can easily book rooms through the site, and to truly save, you can choose to stay in homestay is a lot cheaper was interact with friendly people here.
-Australia is a multi ethnic country should the cuisine here is also very diverse, divided each area clearly cuisine as if you like eat Chinese cuisine to Chinatown in the city center of Melbourne, Korean cuisine, you can find the train station to Clayton. In addition, the Australians enjoyed the warm sunshine of the Sun and the sea so the BBQ breakfast very well-loved here, you can easily realize that when go to the parks and beaches across Australia are all designed with the BBQ grill.
Traveler’s checks/credit card: 
Most of the shops are accepting these credit cards and international payment cards. Traveler’s checks in us dollars can exchange into cash at any local bank or currency exchange (you need to present the Passport).
What about gift buying for come back ?
The kangaroo or koala bear Pocket mouse is the symbol of Australia and it is easy to understand when it’s also become souvenirs should buy when travelling to Australia. You can easily find the teddy bear size sold in the souvenir shops around Australia or you can select the Aboriginal art-unique culture in Australia such as boomerang, hand towels, wooden statues, …
Need to prepare anything before you go?
A very important things that you need to know is the statistics dashboard was carried over Australia was clearly in entering Australia. Australian Customs are very strict in the issue entry gadget so it’s best to honestly declare because no, Customs dogs will detect it and you will be fined up to $66,000, were arrested, prosecuted or forced back to Vietnam before setting foot on Australia. Here are some lists of things you cannot bring when Australian immigration:
1/The meat product not boxed
2/fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, seeds
materials 3, herb, herbal and traditional medicine.
4/These widgets on people such as clothing or hats and feather attached you should absolutely avoid
5/The articles made from eggs and milk.
Some other notes:
To reduce the debilitating condition of the body for a long time sitting on the plane and the time difference , you should:
+ Rest before traveling about 2 days.
+ On the plane should wear lightweight clothing and comfortable; eat more fruit (or fruit drinks), drink plenty of water, avoid the rest, sometimes have to stand up to exercise in multiple movements.

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