Macau – China tourist experience – the combination of two cultures of the East – West

Geographic position.
Macau is a small territory with a total land area of only about 21 km ² is located in the eastern coastal region-South mainland China, surrounded by Guangdong Province of the Prc and the South China Sea in the South. The territory of Macao has three main areas Austro peninsula, the island of Taipa Island and Co-lo-an.
Administrative borders on land of Macau is located on the peninsula of Amoy in the North, bordering Zhuhai city of Guangdong Province.

Macau is a special administrative region of the country, the territory has developed economy in the world. With GDP per capita in 2005 reached $17,550 made Macao become where the standard of living in the highest row of Asia. The main economic sector of Macao are divided according to density as follows: industry accounted for 25% of GDP, agriculture 0%, services 75% of GDP (relatively).     
 * Service: can say Macao is a proportion of the economy on the service sector in the highest in the world by GDP: occupies 75%. The service sector of Macao’s Casino business, tourism and finance.       
In 2006 Macao over 16 million foreign visitors (including visitors from mainland China). Finance is also the economic strengths of the territory of Macau since the Portuguese left. But the most important service sector in Macao’s Casino business profits. In 2006, the first Macao has surpassed the world’s gambling capital Las Vegas (us) to become the center of the biggest-grossing gambling world. From this follows a series of other service industries developed as hotels, airlines, shops
Macau culture from the combination of two cultures of the East and West.
Attractive destinations not to be missed when traveling to Macau.

Macao’s tourism sector territory very developed. With outstanding characteristics is the East-West cultures blended together made Macao become where just very closed and very open (Casino and performed sex). Because most of the population of Macau is Chinese people are the Portuguese and the takeover of Western culture spread from very long ago should have the new blend. In 2006, Macau welcomed over 7 million foreign visitors.      
If including visitors from mainland China and Hong Kong, the figure is over 16 million people-a huge number compared with the area and population of Macao.          
First of all Macao tourism thrive is because the previous management of the Government of Macau (Portugal) has opened its doors to Western-style ventilation and later the people’s Republic of China was also devoted to special regulation for Macao development. The huge Casino complex and classy Western-style and Chinese of Macau was testament to that. This is also the place where visitors have a reason to visit the most.
– Casino Macau: Was dubbed the “LasVegas”, Casino is one of the most attractive destinations should visit when Macau Tourism, as well as Macau’s tourism icon. If you were to travel Macao without a visit to the Casino in this then proves you have yet to really explore Macau.
– Amusement versatile Genting: This is the most vibrant entertainment district of Macau, and is also attracting Asian tourists most. Destinations most attractive this Macau has all forms of entertainment, from the musical theater, circus, … to hundreds of outdoor games, indoor water park, games Thrilling, malls shopping, hotels and restaurants, … enough to rest for a few days when you travel Macau, provided you have the possibility of economic and financial.
– Square Largo Do Senado Senate: An attractive destination not to be missed when traveling Macau which is square Largo Do Senado Senate. Here you will witness a blend of culture and architecture of the East – West.
– Venice in the middle of Macau – Venetian Macau: is a system of casinos-hotel-restaurant-shopping mall-entertainment, Venetian Macau is the “magnet” tourist attractions for Ma High. 
At present visitors from Hong Kong and mainland China accounted for the majority of the number of visitors to Macao each year. The gate of Macao is always stuffy Eastern visitors back, as Gates connecting Macao with Zhuhai city. Macao currently has three main international border gate, which is:
            * Sea gate PORTO EXTERIOR: mainly solo train ride from Hong Kong and other parts of mainland China by waterways. The train travel from abroad to Macao also through this gate.
            * Gates PARTIDA: borders Zhuhai city of Guangdong Province.
            * Macao International Airport – FMF: there are many destinations in the region and the world.
            Although Macau, mainland China and Hong Kong, are part of the people’s Republic of China but the people of Hong Kong and mainland China when in Macao was also forced to do export-entry by Passport as other foreign guests.

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