Korean tourist experience.

About: Country at the bottom of the Korean peninsula; three adjacent sea surface – easily trade with Japan in the east and south, China in the west. Korean has an area of about 99 720 KMV, a population of over 49.1 million people. 24% of the population are Protestants, 7.6% Roman Catholic, 24.2% are Buddhist; and 43.4% follow traditional beliefs of ancestor worship.
Capital is located in Seoul (population of more than 9.77 million people). Other big cities is Busan (over 3.21 million), Incheon (nearly 2.7 million), Daegu (more than 2.24 million people), Daejeon (more than 1.56 million people), Gwangju (1+ , 53 million people).
The language used is the Korean nation.

Travel climate.
South Korea has a temperate climate is continental in nature, there are four distinct seasons. Hot and humid summer, from late June to early September average temperature of about 25° c – 38 OC at the most high is over there, and heavy rain. Winter season from early December to the end of February the following year, plummeting to below average temperature, snowfall caused price conditioning. The weather is pleasant in the spring (March to may) and autumn (September to November), in the blue sky, temperatures are not too low, with occasional rain.
The extreme south of South Korea’s Jeju Island (approximately 90 km coastline), the climate is subtropical marine in nature, not too cold in the winter and not too hot in summer.
Can travel to South Korea through the four seasons. Winter go skiing, see the spring flowers bloom and trees crashing grown, summer scenery lush vegetation, autumn watch full picture enough color of yellow leaves, red leaves.
Transport in Korean.
Public transportation in Korea is very developed, mutual links, convenient and easy to use, convenient for foreign visitors want to experience his own way to South Korea.
In the big city, next to tram, bus system broad coverage all over the place, linking the population centers and attractions, there’s also the international taxi system with good driving team of foreign language. Or you can rent a car (required to have an international driving license) to excursions all over the place.
To travel between major cities, you can use the system of intercity bus, or metro system, modern ACCOMMODATION, (connecting the Seoul-Busan), operate at speeds over 400 km/h but still very quiet and punctual.
Also domestic route network expansion, especially to come from cities in the Mainland to come to Jeju Island.
Tourist attractions not to be missed.
The North, look around Seoul to be deposited with the ancient palaces (Gyeongbokgung); together the vibrant modern life with the performances of contemporary art (Nanta show, Drum Cat show); family fun at the modern amusement (Lotte World, Everland) and enjoy the natural beauty (Namsan Park, River Park, the island of Nami). Visitors love the culture history, can not ignore the wide range of museums that stand as the National Folk Museum, Museum of the Korean war.
To the South, the island of Jeju, Seoul love route 45. The island is formed by volcanic lava creates the interesting attractions UNESCO World Heritage site. Climb up the crater Seongsan sight in cool weather, it’s not what by, or wandering stroll step visit the falls Cheonjeyeon to see where the fairies in the sky often lower the world down, visiting stone villages with the people of Jeju naivete, really. Indispensable the way mysteries-how do secret things of visitors surprised that cars run backwards uphill. And more foremost romantic, which is love for the young couples you’re in love, and prepare.
South Korea has diversified forms stay won for international visitors. From the hotel, a resort of international level (evaluated according to criteria 1-5 pattern, the equivalent of 1-5 stars), to form stay in homestay (Han-ok stay), or temple stay (stay in the pagoda and meditation courses) for guests who love to experience the unique culture, Korea’s very own , or the form stay cheap (youth hostels, motels, guest houses) welcome international standard.
The cuisine.
Every Korean meal kimchi is indispensable, spice dish made from fermented cabbage. Korean palates with mixture, not too salty, not too light, not too spicy; the harmonious proportions of protein, starch, fiber from vegetables, and very little fat.
Bake the dishes are the most popular, not only the people of Korea but also foreign tourists.
The currency.
The local money is WON, there are approximately 1USD rates ~ 1,100 KRW (1 KRW ~ 20 USD). You can easily exchange currency from dollars into Won at the currency exchange counters throughout the shopping center, market, or the airport.
The international payment cards are accepted widely.
To South Korea, it is impossible not to mention the most popular produce are natural for South Korea, a no or in the world, is the ginseng and the types of medicinal mushroom Ganoderma, mushrooms, like Cordyceps, Ginkgo nuts … are both known to mankind from the thousand years , we still are widely used in traditional Oriental medicine and in modern Western medicine.
Step into the XXI century, goods production economy of Korea more known for the products meet international advanced standards. Varied types and abundance of, such as electronics, household electric appliances, fashion (clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion accessories, …), Korean culture souvenirs, etc.
Preparing for the trip.
Need to apply for a visa before coming to South Korea. Appropriate costumes prepared according to the season, especially in the cold winter.
Things to note.
Not be brought into South Korea of meat and meat products. Not be brought into South Korea of vegetables, fruits, bulbs, if not declared and not yet been quarantined, the irradiation.
When shopping in the big trade centre, foreign visitors are refundable value added tax (7%) when carrying it exit from South Korea.
Paying the price (bargain) are not appreciated, even when you are shopping at the outdoor markets. The buyers can be more gifts from the seller if there is goodwill.
Bad robbery, pickpockets, hardly occur in South Korea.
Thanks for reads, happy travelings !

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