Canada tourist experience – 5 tourist attraction be not missed

Before making a trip to Canada, you need to learn about the place will come, not just getting stars for convenience but also the information about the climate, customs and local culture. Sometimes even the information as provided is also very important to create an interesting tour through that if shortfalls will cause undue inconvenience.

The baggage rules for checked baggage by air: 

– Should write their name and address on the baggage identification tag. When sending the receipt card receive attention from staff members for procedures to receive the luggage after the flight. 

– To ensure safety for baggage, the baggage should be sure and Pack has the lock. Don’t get the precious items in baggage such as money, jewelry, precious metals, materials and supplies important patterns; fragile items such as porcelain, electronic goods, bottles. Absolutely not be allowed to carry its cause odors such as sauce, Durian.            

– Absolutely not for on the baggage types of explosive, corrosive, oxidizing, mercury, magnetic substances, poisons and tear gas, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive substances, compressed gases, weapons and young couples have tied the alarm device.         

– Under 20 kg luggage allowance will be.         

– Luggage is allowed to send a maximum of 2 events, with the weight of each event is not too be too heavy 23 Kg.

The language       

– The two official languages of the Confederation of Canada are English and French. Nearly 60% of Canadians have a mother tongue is English, 22% was French. The majority of francophones live in Quebec, followed by the province of Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. A number of Aboriginal languages is also considered the official language in the autonomous territories, especially the Inuktitut language. Many of the Aboriginal languages have disappeared or are going to that condition. The other is that many people say is: Italian, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish. 

– Qu├ębec is the sole State to enact a law to protect French, aims to protect the special cultural nuances for North America. However, linguistic rights and the education of English-speaking communities and the Aboriginal language is also protected. In addition, the public has the right to use either French or English when communicating with the Government. 

The currency            

– The currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD)        

– Money-dollar Canada has 2 types: paper money and coins         

  + Paper money denominations 5CAD (Blue: the front is the picture of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the back is the picture of the kids are playing hockey), 10CAD (Purple: the front is of Sir John a. Macdonald, the back is the symbol of the power of peace and war memories), 20CAD (green : the front is of Queen Elizabeth II, the back is the carving of art “The hidden mountain” of Bill Reid), 50 CAD (Red: the front is of William Lyon Mackenzie King, the back of the painting is the Famous Five), 100CAD (Brown: the front is the picture of Sir Robert Borden, the back is a map of Canada and present)

  + Coins there denominations of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1CAD and 2CAD. (1CAD = 100 cents)       

– Working hours of the Bank system and the usual post office from 9.30 a.m. to 04h30 from Monday to Friday every week.

– Now serving in the regular service purchase from 09 h 00 to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday, Sunday is often open only to 18:00. There is a special type of small supermarket very extensively on the Canadian country called “convinient store” 24/24 operation now, it has sold a number of foods and common items used in daily life. 


– Liberal outfit in the departure date and the return date. Soft shoes should go, should not go new shoes, high heels to avoid foot pain when walking, also relatively cold weather, so suggest you bring a warm jacket.          

-Winter: you bring thick coats, hats, gloves, wool or leather, Neckwear, moisturizing body lotion, lipstick …        

-During the trip should wear these costumes, carry hats or whatever and cream protects the skin, in particular should bring balm against the cracked lips. Need to wear more warm jacket because the weather there is colder at the relatively most, Vietnam.           

– Air conditioning system in the restaurant, hotel and on buses is usually very cold, should wear coats to in hand luggage when travelling or when boarding.          

– Should bring full toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, comb to comb in hand luggage and use when needed. (especially in the transit time for journey to Vancouver is a long journey)            

– Should carry conventional drugs (smoking, smoking, smoking metered colic …) to use when needed because at the drugstore in foreign countries will not sell drugs to those who do not have a doctor’s prescription.           

– Should carry a small computer to use at stores and when currency exchange.       

5 Canadian tourist attraction

1. Rocky Rockies, Canadian tourist world challenge.


– The range lies West of the Canadian Rockies Canada in British Columbia and Alberta is one of the Canadian tourist attraction the professional climbing

2. The tourism paradise of Canada, Vancouver Island. 

– The range lies West of the Canadian Rockies Canada in British Columbia and Alberta is one of the Canadian tourist attraction the professional climbing.

3. Lake Louise, the wonders of Canada.                                                                                                                                      

– Blue Lake water, surrounded by mighty mountains, creates spectacular natural beauty of Lake Louise. If here you can paddle on you. Or skiing on the frozen lake in the winter are also very interesting.

4. Churchill, Manitoba polar bear Canada attractions

– If you travel here will have a chance to observe polar bears to large vehicles are tailored extremely safe. 

5. Nova Scotia, Canada tourist attractions.

– You can travel the Nova Scotia in all seasons, by where it was built into a tourist area with the adventure genre, exploring, camping, vacation packages. This is also a Canadian tourist that you shouldn’t ignore.

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