Cambodia tourist experience – Top 4 attractions in Cambodia.

About Cambodia: Featured terrain feature is a large lake in the plain was created by the flooding. That is the Tonle Sap Lake (Lake), an area of about 2,590 km ² in the dry season to about 24,605 km ² of the rainy season. This is a populous plain, suitable for planting water, form the heartland of Cambodia. The majority (about 75%) of the country’s area is located at an altitude below 100 metres above the sea level, except the Cardamon mountains (the highest point is 1,771 m), the North-South direction East of it is the Elephant mountains (altitude of 500-1000 m) and Rocky slopes in the Dangrek mountain range (average elevation 500 m) along the northern border with Thailand.
Cambodia travel experience.

Choose hotel when traveling to Cambodia self-sufficient : 
– You can search on Agoda site, Booking to find room with reasonable price. If the play primarily in Koh Rong then to save just select Guest House 10 -15 range USD/night at Sihanouk also in Koh Rong, the latest Bungalow have sea view price 50 USD/night. Should set the room charge when canceling. Especially to book rooms in advance of 2 weeks or more if want to island of Koh rong sanloem (burnt so much room here or party).
– You can choose to stay in seaside Sihanoukville or Koh rong or Koh rong sanloem. Depending on your schedule. Bon himself had little time for this location should be at the seaside hotel Sihanoukville, next morning the island of Koh rong sanloem passing new, then back to the sea to go up Phnompenh.
Population and language.
– Cambodia is purely national for about 90% of more than residential population is Khmer and Khmer speaking people, the official language. The rest are Vietnamese,  Chinese, Cham people and people living in the mountains to the North and Northeast.
French and English are many Cambodians to use as a second language and is usually the language is studied in schools and universities. It is also used often in the authorities.
The cuisine.         
– Cambodian cuisine, as well as the culinary habits of many peoples in the rice water civilization in the Asian region shows distinct traits. The Cambodian people have the habit of eating rice, blue and eat more fish than meat. On the Lunar New Year holidays, rural as well as urban all prahok. Most every family has to eat hormone Bo sauce throughout the year.       
– Cambodian cuisine is strongly influenced by India and China, most of the food is fatty, sweet and salty. Indian dishes are found most in the spices are used mainly as spicy satay, chili, pepper, nutmeg, anise etc. Chinese dishes are found many with the LAT and quite fat, much of the grease as the culinary style of Sichuan region.
– Cambodian most attractive at night. That’s when the beach filled with colored lights of dozens of restaurants and bars in close proximity, mixed with subtle lit candles on the dining table Statistics hundreds on the beach, cushioned rattan chairs Patriarch. Eating also quite cheap, with only 3.5 -5 USD for a plate of fresh seafood and enjoy a cool beer Angkor.

Pentatonic Orchestra and traditional instruments to create the unique Oriental style just like Thailand and Laos are similar.
The most famous is the category poetry reamker is category composed by long folk poetry tens of sentences. The plot is mainly borrowed from the Ramayana epic of India.
The main festivals of Cambodia.
Cambodians also like other Nations use the Western calendar. However, except some holidays of the Khmer people, they use Cambodian New Year holidays such as calendar, enter Tin or marriage ceremony. Khmer calendar can sooner or later than the Western calendar is depending on the time of year. Cultural interference and projections of population makes for some holidays of Cambodia have added some holidays as Tet, Vietnam and China, Wu Decency, etc plaited.
Tourist attractions.
Siem Reap is a fast growing city in Cambodia and is the gateway to the most charming with so many ancient temples, bustling night market and system of guesthouses, hotels with international standards.
Preah Vihear is a Khmer Temple situated on 525 metre high cliffs on the Dangrek mountains, legendary, located between the border of Cambodia and Thailand. This is one of the Khmer architecture of the 11th century, the 12 most beautiful surviving to this day.
Sihanouk Ville, also known as Kampong Som, is a port city, a coastal resort in the Gulf of Thailand. Bright point-here is the white sand beaches and tropical islands, suitable for the change on short vacations.
Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, and most importantly Cambodia. The Lake spans and astonishing changes every season. From November to May is the dry season in Cambodia, Tonle Sap virtually drought in the coming rain season, when the Lake becomes more extensive, with many of the famous village residents living in it.
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